The pro-life movement in the ascendant


Objectively speaking, anyone who is pro-life is always on the winning side – you are, after all, opposing the murder of innocent children. Nevertheless, in the fight for the unrestricted right to life, we are often made to feel as though we were fighting against windmills.

Recently, however, there have been developments that have given the pro-life movement new and significant momentum.

In the United States, the infamous decision known as ‘Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed a constitutional right to abortion, was overruled by the Supreme Court. As a direct result, more than a dozen states have passed legislation that has made the killing of unborn children very difficult or downright illegal.  In the medium term, around half of all US federal states will ban abortion in all but a few exceptional cases.

Another glimmer of hope has been provided by the recent election in Italy. The right-wing coalition won a clear absolute majority in parliament. Future Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has repeatedly spoken out against abortion, and her future deputy, Matteo Salvini, has repeatedly denounced the murder of innocent children. There is reason to hope that the third-largest economy in the EU will adopt a significantly stronger stance in favour of an unrestricted right to life.

In Sweden, too, a government is expected to emerge that will stand up more strongly for life and against abortion. It is obvious that two of the major abortion propagandists, the UN and the European Union, have lost a good deal of ground as a result of recent events. Together with Hungary and Poland, an axis is emerging that could position itself as a clear counterweight to Brussels.

Another positive contributing factor to this development is the growing skepticism about state medical care triggered by the Corona virus and vaccines. Many people are now approaching medical issues and medical advice much more critically. The growing interest in alternative medical treatments may also be expected to give rise to a new awareness of the massive psychological and physical side effects causes by abortion and contraceptive methods, especially the pill.

All of this means that there are great opportunities for the pro-life movement and that we have reason to be very optimistic. A sane society cannot accept the blatant injustice of infanticide. The pro-life movement must make the best possible use of this momentum.

The last few weeks have shown that change is possible.