Numbers of Covid-Cases
Vaccine Failure and Possible Lethality in Germany


There are some very strange things happening in Germany that not many people are paying attention to. As both the media and the anti-lockdown community focus on the punitive measures that Germany are imposing on their vaccinated community, most people have taken their eyes off the mortality data. But what it contains is shocking.

The first thing that the mortality data shows is that the vaccine is, so far at least, failing to suppress COVID-19 deaths in the country. It has basically become conventional wisdom at this stage that the vaccine is a total failure when it comes to protecting people from contracting the virus. But many still assume that the vaccine prevents hospitalisations and death.

Yet the German data shows that this is probably not true. Consider that 86% of German’s vulnerable population have been fully vaccinated. Now look at the COVID-19 deaths per million in the country this year versus last year.

True, the deaths have started a few weeks later in 2021 than they did in 2020. But they appear to be rising basically as quickly. Are we to believe that the 14% of vulnerable people not vaccinated are accounting for all these deaths? If so, we would need to assume that they are dying at roughly six times the rate that people were dying from the virus in 2020. That seems doubtful. More likely that the vaccine is failing to prevent deaths from the virus.

Worse still, there is some provisional evidence that suggests the vaccine itself might be killing people. The laundry list of potentially fatal side effects of the vaccine – from blood clots to myocarditis – is well known. Anecdotal evidence – from football players, for example – suggests that these deaths may not be as uncommon as our leaders would care to admit. Well, now consider the excess deaths taking place in Germany that are not caused by COVID-19.

Since the 43rd week of 2021 – that is, late October – excess deaths not caused by COVID-19 have skyrocketed. In only four weeks – from the end of October to the end of November – there have been over 12,000 such deaths!

It is probably worth remembering that only a few weeks before, in August, Germany moved to vaccinate teenagers.

This data does not prove that the vaccines are extremely dangerous. But it certainly raises the possibility that they are. And that needs to be taken seriously.

Taking all the evidence together and reading it in the worst possible light, we may have vaccines that are basically useless in preventing the spread of the virus or in preventing the lethality of the virus, but that are also extremely dangerous and are killing thousands of otherwise healthy people. If this does turn out to be true, the rushed vaccination program together with the legal indemnity given to the vaccine companies will probably go down as the worst public policy decision in modern history.