The pro-life movement in the ascendant

Objectively speaking, anyone who is pro-life is always on the winning side – you are, after all, opposing the murder of innocent children. Nevertheless, in the fight for the unrestricted right to life, we are often made to feel as though we were fighting against windmills. Recently, however, there have been developments that have given […]

The Lion of Münster – A role model for Catholic resistance

Blessed Cardinal Clemens August Graf von Galen, also known as the “Lion of Münster”, was appointed Bishop of Münster in 1933 and held this office until his sudden death from a ruptured appendix in 1946. During his time as bishop of Münster, Galen focused on encouraging the faithful entrusted to his care to live a […]

Catholic Resistance

catholic resisitance

As soon as we, as Catholics, begin to recognise that the states of the Western world are enacting unjust laws and setting up regimes that are contrary to natural law and divine order, it becomes our duty to resist.

A Century of Holiness and Infamy

On April 1, 2022, Masses and observances shall mark the centennial of the death of Bl. Karl, Emperor of Austria, Apostolic King of Hungary, King of Bohemia, Croatia, Dalmatia, Galicia, and lord of many other places. But his tomb does not lie with his fathers and his beloved consort Zita in Vienna’s Kaisergruft, but on […]

The Dangers of Digital Identity

Digital Identity

The introduction or standardisation of the so-called digital identity for every person on earth by 2030 is an express goal of the United Nations. The UN officially started this project in 2016 under the project name ID2020. The digital identity promises many benefits, but it actually entails many dangers, chief of which is the possibility […]

Jesus Christ – The Beginning of Celibacy

Jesus Christ - The Beginning of Celibacy

Among the numerous reasons for priestly celibacy, there is a profound reason given by the Church Fathers. To understand it requires faith (fides quaerens intellectum), to follow it requires charity. The Synodal Way, in attacking priestly celibacy, reveals its lack of both. Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest, was celibate, awaiting His Bride the Church. This […]

How Far We Have Fallen: Canada’s Catholic Heritage

Charles A. Coulombe O Canada!Land of our ancestorsGlorious deeds circle your browFor your arm knows how to wield the swordYour arm knows how to carry the cross;Your history is an epicOf brilliant deedsAnd your valor steeped in faithWill protect our homes and our rights. As with Her Majesty’s Australian and New Zealand realms, the COVID-induced […]

Catholic resistance: three lessons from Czechoslovakia

There is nothing new or unusual in Catholics finding themselves in opposition to a power that is hostile to them. We have had plenty of situations of this kind over the past 2000 years. Applying the lessons of past experience to our present-day situation, however, could be more difficult than a superficial observes might expect. […]

How divisive is the Old Mass?

Over the last few days, much has been said about the injustice of the accusations contained in the accompanying letter to Traditionis Custodes – as well as in the Motu Proprio itself – claiming that those who attend the Old Mass are responsible for divisions within the Church. It is difficult to understand how those […]

Statement on the Motu Proprio ‘Traditionis Custodes’

Like many of the faithful who love the Traditional Catholic Liturgy, we have received the Apostolic Letter ‘Traditionis Custodes‘ of 16 July 2021 with great sadness and dismay, and – affirming our unconditional loyalty to the teaching of the Church and to the successor of St. Peter – we would like to give our reaction […]